Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ginnie and Dann Garber Really Believe in These Shoes

Dann Garber has worked in the front end register at Costco. He stands on concrete 8 hours a day. He had 2 foot surgeries.
For one and a half years he was hobbling around, especially at the end of the day, with lots of foot pain.
Dann saw someone in the store wearing them and decided to try them after that person told him how the Z-CoiL footwear helped him.
Dann went online to find us 6-8 months ago. He stepped in the Z-CoiLs and has worn them since that day. He doesn't hobble anymore nor does he have to use the mats to stand.
Ginnie and Dan have been married for 21 years. She says"He couldn't walk up the stairs and it was hard for him to get to work. It's like living with a totally different person since he's been wearing the shoes. He's cheerful now. It's absolutely amazing."
Ginnie bought a pair of titanium colored gladiator style sandals for her trip to Hawaii. They are going on a 14 day cruise leaving from LA to all the Hawaiian islands.
Dann owns a black pair, and his third pair this purchase is a white freedom.

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