Saturday, February 12, 2011

Things You Need to Know About Buying Z-CoiL's at Your 2 Feet

Some FAQ:
Q: Do I need an appointment for shoe fitting?
A: No. Shoe fitting does not require an initial appointment. If you have special needs plan extra time for an expert to properly evaluate your individual needs. We have most products in stock, including many discontinued styles.

Q: How long are shoe fitting appointments?
A: Fitting apointments are usually 15 to 30 minutes long depending on the level of exam required to properly evaluate your individual needs.

Q: Do you charge for shoe fitting appointments?
A: No. A $10.00 service fee may be assessed for adjustments or modifications made to footwear not purchased directly from Your 2 Feet.

Q:Will my insurance cover some of the cost of Z-CoiL® shoes?
A: Buying Z-CoiL® footwear directly from Your 2 Feet will most likely not be reimbursed from most insurance companies. Your 2 Feet has no contractual relationships with any insurance company. Some employers have safety or workplace shoe reimbursement programs. Check with your HR Department. Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) will often reimburse with a store receipt as justification for the medical expense since the shoes are therapeutic.

Our onsite podiatrist Dr. Kerch participates contractually with most insurance companies. Medicare has a diabetic shoe reimbursement program that you may qualify for. Z-CoiL® shoes are not part of this program, but hundreds of other styles and brands are included. New appointments are being accepted to review your treatment options.

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