Saturday, January 22, 2011

Joseph Chiglinsky Has 10 Years of Z-CoiL Wearing History

Joseph Chiglinsky has three pairs of Z-CoiL's and he has been wearing Z-CoiL's for 10 years. He just purchased his fourth pair at Your 2 Feet. He took advantage of the discounted prices and bought a Z walker black velcro style.

Ten years ago Joseph stated he had back pain for years. He is ready to tell anyone how he didn't obtain relief until he started wearing Z-CoiL pain relief footwear.

Joseph is retired as a fast food manager for Buyer King, Papa Murphys, Pawn Exchange, and Tesoroes. Tesoros has the largest US refineries. They are gone from Washington. This type of work on cement floors aggravated his leg and back pain. He walked 1-2 miles as a manager and decided to leave because of the stress.

Joseph has been working at the local Ikea for the past four years. Now he stands in one place a lot at his job at Ikea. He says, "I gave up headaches as a manager when I switched to my Ikea job."

My Z-CoiL shoes help take off the pressure I feel in my back and legs when I am ringing up customer sales at Ikea.

"If you have back pain,let me tell you where to buy Z-coils." (at Your 2 Feet Seattle in the Capital Hill neighborhood)

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