Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Walk It Off Seattle

Walk It Off Seattle - Kellie J. Loses 75 Pounds Since March 26!

No Gimmicks - Diet, Exercise and Determination Keys to Losing Weight

Kellie J. walked cheerfully into our store and said "Hi, remember me?" I smiled politely and said, "I'm sorry, but I don't remember your name." Kellie grinned and said "Maybe that's because I've lost 75 pounds since I enrolled in your Walk It Off - Seattle program!" We were blown away.

I interviewed Kellie and her story was inspirational. She knew she had to lose over 100 pounds. She had done it once before but gained it back. This time she had a game plan. She went into counseling for six months before committing to her weight loss program. She had to understand why she was making the lifestyle choices she had been making, and she had to learn how to overcome poor decisions. She started her weight loss program in January and managed to lose about 25 pounds. In March, she came in for some exercise shoes.

So, what was Kellie's secret? She said she religiously goes to Curves (Oak Knoll location) 3 days per week. Every day she does something for cardiovascular conditioning (walking or running), and she does strength conditioning exercises. No fad diets or gimmicks here - she has learned how to make better eating decisions, and never skips her exercise routines. Kelly has earned $75.00 in store credit for her efforts, and she plans to weigh out at the end of December to maximize her rewards. We are very proud of Kellie's accomplishments in 2010. She has her eye on either a pair of Orthofeet or a pair of Aetrex shoes for a next pair. She really liked the feeling of the Ryn and Z-CoiL Sports shoes for her 2011 goals.

Now is the time to weigh-out for Walk It Off -Seattle 2010. This unique program awards $1.00 in store credit for every pound you lose from the date you sign up until the end of the calendar year. Whether you have lost 5, 10, 20 or more pounds - come in and weigh out to redeem your gift certificate. We will also enroll you in Walk It Off Seattle 2011, when you weigh out.

About Walk It Off Seattle- It's a free service of Your 2 Feet. Just come into the store, sign an entry form and weigh-in. From the day you sign up until the end of the calendar year, you will be awarded $1.00 in store credit for every pound you lose. You must weigh-out before December 31 to redeem your weight-loss gift certificate. If you don't weigh out before the end of the calendar year, your entry form from the previous year will be discarded. Walk It Off Seattle is a fun, free extra incentive to keep you focused on maintaining your weight loss program.

You can enter this program again, or for the first time, anytime in 2011 to give you the boost for your weight loss program.

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