Monday, August 23, 2010

Bellevue Dermatologist Shares Z-CoiL Experience and Offers Timely Advice

Carla Bauman, MD is a repeat customer at "Your 2 Feet", formerly Z-CoiL of Seattle.

Dr. Bauman says: "As a dermatologist, I am on my feet for many hours per day. I specialize in treating skin cancer. I was looking for a solution for relieving my knee, back and neck pain that I get after a long work week."

Dr. Bauman found out about the Z-CoiL's from a long term friend who is a head and neck surgeon in Bellevue. Dr. Bauman says,"I got turned on to the Z-CoiL's 3 years ago and I have never looked back. My knee, back and neck pain are nearly resolved, unless I don't wear my Z-CoiLs."

She continues: "As of today, I now have 7 pairs of Z-CoiL styles: Mary Janes; with the purchase today I have 2 pairs of clogs (my dog chewed up my first pair); 2 pairs of Tias (T-strap) in black and blue; with my purchase today I have 2 pairs of the Z-breeze. I bought all of my shoes from "Your 2 Feet". My priority is comfort at the end of the day."

Dr. Bauman follows in the footsteps of her father's profession. He was a prominent dermatologist. She thinks he might have relieved so many of his back pain issues if he had worn the Z-CoiL's.

Dr. Bauman stresses the importance of having your skin professionally evaluated for suspicious signs of skin cancer. For instance this might be a mole or skin raised that shows any of the following characteristics:
1. Asymmetry (one side different than the other)
2. Borders irregular (not smooth borders)
3. Color variation (change in color)
4. Diameter greater than 6 mm.
5. Evolving (any change of any kind)
The best practice is to avoid the sun, wear a chemical free mineral based sunscreen on exposed areas, and use skin protection from the sun's damaging UV rays such a hat and/or an umbrella.

Dr. Bauman is an advocate for you to "Take care of your feet and your skin".

Carla Bauman, MD is accepting new patients for evaluation and treatment of skin cancer or cosmetic surgery.

Bel-Red Dermatology
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Bellevue, WA 98004

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