Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kid Reporter Port Townsend-Brennan LaBrie Seeks Relief From Z-CoiL

Colleen LaBrie and her son, Brennan visited our store at the corner of Minor and Pine today searching for relief from upper back and neck pain. Brennan suffered a fall 2 weeks ago that has left Brennan suffering with severe back pain. He rates his pain a 9 out of 10 on the pain scale. (Owner, Dr. Lotchie Kerch is pictured with Brennan and Colleen.)
Help from an acupuncturist, chiropractor, and GP has rendered no relief. Advil doesn't touch the pain. "I hurt when I walk, when I swing a door open, when I try to run or ride a bike. I can't do anything without having pain. I have pain all the time."
They had heard of Z-CoiL of Seattle from collaborator Jack Olmsted of Port Townsend. Jack let Brennan and Colleen try on his Size 8 Z-CoiLs last week. Jack is the author of the unofficial blog for Z-CoiL pain relief footwear.
Jack introduced our store, Z-CoiL of Seattle, to the new medium of the blog years before it was popular. Jack has helped Brennan and Colleen advance to the next level in the video realm. They met Jack 5 months ago at a Port Townsend fair event.
Brennan was already on the radar in the journalism world. His newspaper, "Brennan's Spruce St. Weekly" has been published for two years. Since he's 10 years old now, that means his talent for journalism was already blossoming at 8 years old. He does his own jokes, cartoons and hand written articles.
Brennan prefers to report on "good news" in Port Townsend, surrounding communities and Seattle.His other talent is investigative reporting. He sells his newspaper for 25 cents each and has a 250 readership due to word of mouth popularity. There are the farmers to interview; a recent visit by Cloris Leachman gave a rare opportunity; stores opening or closing all make it to the newspaper.
Brennan says, "I love people. Everyone has a good story. I am going to Whistler Village and plan on interviewing the "man in the street" in Vancouver. My curiosity stirs me to ask questions. I catch the look in someones eye and usually always have something to report about."
He continues,"Recently a deer got hit be a car. A loud explosion was heard afterward. Investigative reporting is really fun. I went to the police station to find out what happened to the deer. The officer was reluctant to tell me the deer was shot to stop it from suffering. He thought I would get said so he didn't want to tell me what really happened."
Brennan and Colleen left Z-CoiL of Seattle with the same style of Z-CoiL,the Z-Walker Velcro.
Brennan commented, "I feel better walking in the Z-CoiLs. I think they are great shoes. I especially like the velcro feature of the Z-CoiLs since you can just slip them on and off easier."
Brennan has a great love and passion that makes him a natural for journalism.
To his credits are a Nov 17 interview of Apollo Ohno. Appollo was born in Federal Way, but currently has been training in Salt Lake City. Brie Shaaf is a woman competitor in the 2 man bobsled Olympic event. She lives in Bremerton. She will be giving Brennan a tour of the Olympic Village and the Whistler Sliding Center. This is where the luge, skeleton and bobsled events are being held. I saw Brennan last night on the Evening Show. Today he was live on the King 5 morning news show. He was excited about the experience, " I never had seen the inside of a TV studio before." So much and more for this aspiring young reporter! Visit his blog for more info: brennanlabrie.blogspot.com

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