Thursday, July 16, 2009

New CoiLs Refurbished Running Shoes from Z-CoiL of Seattle 1201 Pine St

Donald Midkiff came in this week to purchase 2 sets of replacement coils for his jogging Z-CoiL shoes.
He bought his Freedom 2000 Z-CoiLs 5 years ago in Arizona at the age of 71 years young.
He had been jogging for 25 years at that time and started to have knee pain. He had heard about the Z-CoiL footwear and decided to give them a try.
Two weeks after wearing the pain relief footwear, his knee pain went away.
Mr. Midkiff is retired. He was self-employed owning a refinishing office furniture outlet.
He still jogs 2-3 times a week less than 2 miles. He is the only jogger in the Lynnwood complex where he lives. It took 5 years for the soles of the heels to wear out probably since he keeps his mileage down and only wears the footwear when he jogs. Now with his new replacement coils he will have refurbished the shoes quite a bit.
He tells people he knows about them. They want to know how they are working for him.
Mr. Midkiff is a snowbird and migrates to Arizona in the winter. He will purchase his next pair of Z-CoiL footwear from our Z-CoiL of Seattle store located at 1201 Pine St. Seattle, Wa.
If you want to learn more information about the footwear please call us at 206-838-7338.

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