Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Overlake Hospital Nurse in Z-coils for Two Years

Carol Connelly has worked ten hours a day, four days a week at the pre-op department of Overlake Surgery Center for what seems "forever", she says.

She was in Sequim two years ago at a restaurant with three other nurses when they noticed the waiter was wearing Z-coil footwear. Carol says, "I thought he blew his mind. I bought my first pair of white Freedom 2000 Z-coils from the Bellevue store(now that store is closed). One and a half weeks ago I bought my second pair, the Spring Z. However, I like the laced athletic style better and came in to exchange them for a blue and white Freedom Z-coil. I have just been wearing them at work so they last a long time."

Frequent occurrences are that she is the center of conversations with patients: "Grab that nurse because she has to tell me about those shoes". One nurse said," Oh, she's just an illegal alien".

Carol says," My plantar fascitis has been helped immensely by wearing the Z-coil footwear. I love my Z-coils." Posted by Picasa

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