Saturday, July 09, 2005

Seven Pairs of Z-coils saved me from surgery

Becki Blackham shares her journey of pain relief using Z-coils for her recovery:

"I photograph babies being born at Swedish and Northwest Hospitals," says Becki Blackham. "When I would do my gardening in regular shoes I would come in and my feet would hurt so much, my husband (well known Seattle obstetrician Dr. Blackham) supported me in buying extra Z-coil's just to use for yardwork. I've been wearing Z-coils for four years ever since a friend told me about them in Quartsite, Arizona when I was diagnosed with heel bone spurs. Today I bought my third pair of Zueco clogs, but I also have the hiking boots, sandals, cloudwalkers, and Taos clogs. These Z-coils saved me from having surgery. On a pain scale of ten, I would have a ten out of ten of foot pain if I did not wear these shoes. Now I am focusing more on my 26 year old son who was recently involved in a surfing injury."

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