Sunday, August 22, 2004 Springy shoes relieve pain HealthLink: "A funny looking shoe called Z-Coils are helping some people with chronic foot, knee or back pain.

"They're comfortable. Good Year tread on the bottom, plus, they're springing," said customer Ron Mills.

Instead of the usual heel, each shoe has a steel spring. Style is secondary to relieving foot, knee and back pain.

"It has a built in orthopedic in the shoe to stabilize your foot and then that coil absorbs 50 percent impact and 40 percent energy return," said Gary Contreras of Healthfoot, Inc.

The shoe fits for podiatrist Donald Green, who tested it out himself and now prescribes Z-Coil for his patients.

"I've put a couple of patients in them ... and it really takes the pressure off their backs," he said.

The coils come in four strengths and can be adjusted.

After five months of wear, Donna has just one complaint.

"Everyone notices them. I never look at people's shoes," she said.

All Ron knows is that they've put a spring in his step."

February 19, 2004

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